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Tips For Cleaning Your Glass Shower Door

When it comes to cleaning, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms to consider. To keep your bathroom looking as bright and shiny as the day it was put in, you’ll want to keep your glass shower door clean. This cleaning procedure will work wonders if you've ever battled to keep your glass shower door clean.

1. Wet the Area Down With Water

First, wet down the shower door with a spray bottle, towel or sponge to remove any remaining soap residue. Alternatively, if you're already in the shower, you may use the showerhead to wet the glass shower door just before you step out of the shower.

2. Make Use of a Non-abrasive Cleaning Agent

Depending upon what brand of shower door you have and the material it is made of, you may be able to use a non-abrasive cleanser to remove hardened deposits. Check with the glass shower door manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines before using any cleanser on your glass shower door. Gently rub down the shower door with a soft cloth and a non-abrasive liquid cleanser to remove any stains. This procedure will get rid of the majority of the soap scum and/or hard water deposits that may have accumulated on the glass shower door, and will leave the door looking clean.

3. Repeat the Process Once More

Remove the non-abrasive cleaning by rinsing well with water. A spray bottle filled with clean water works well for this step. Make certain that you get rid of everything. You may see that the shower door is still not completely clean. Don't be concerned. That will be taken care of in the following phases.

4. Wipe With a Window Cleaner

Next, wipe down the shower door with paper towels and a window cleaner to ensure it is sparkling clean. Don't be concerned about needing to put in a lot of extra effort. Don't worry if you still notice streaks, either, because you have one more step to go. Be sure to thoroughly wipe down the frame around the glass shower door, too, making extra effort to get into all of the corners where grime usually accumulates.

5. Polish the Glass Shower Door

Using a clean dry cloth and some regular furniture polish, your last step is to polish the glass shower door. Spray a small amount of polish onto the cloth and use it to polish the glass shower door all over. You'll discover that, magically, all of the soap scum, streaks, and cloudiness have vanished. All that will be left is a shower door made of crystal clear glass. Then, on the other side of your glass shower door, repeat the whole process again. In addition to leaving your glass shower door sparkling, the furniture polish will also ward off water stains in the future.

Now that your glass shower doors can always be kept sparkling clean, you and your family will be able to better admire your beautiful Wassern shower heads whenever you’re in the bathroom!

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