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Benefits of A High Pressure Rainfall Showerhead

There are many benefits to high pressure rainfall showerheads and Wassern Showerheads sells a variety of high-pressure rainfall showers for consumers that supply many benefits. They relieve stress, supply good water coverage, are easy to clean, have unique features, and save water. At Wasserman, our rainfall showerheads are reasonably priced and provide many benefits for you and your family. When you want to buy new showerheads for your bathroom, a high-pressure rainfall showerhead is an excellent choice.

Health Benefits of Rainfall Showerhead

A rainfall showerhead helps you relax after a long day at work or home or after a workout. The showerhead has massage settings that will relieve stress in your muscles and body and detoxify the skin. The shower can be cold, warm or hot depending on your needs. The massage settings can massage muscles and tight tendons in your neck, back, legs, arms, hands and feet.

A hot water shower will increase circulation and loosen up muscles. It can relieve respiratory problems, headaches, and pain in the body. Cold showers in warmer weather can help warm up the body, soothe soreness in muscles, refresh sensitive skin, and improve hair texture.

Specialized Features

Rainfall showerheads are larger than traditional showerheads and measure 7-1/2 inches to 8 inches in width. Most models have an extra-long hose, so you can move it around in the shower or bathtub where you want it. They often come with specific features that let you control the type of shower you have. They have a high pressurized setting, massage, and even a trickle setting for using less water and saving money. The power rinse setting infuses the water with oxygen and gives you a forceful spay even with low water pressure. Our models come with the needed accessories to install your showerhead properly.

Many consumers clean a rainfall showerhead with warm water and vinegar and a soft sponge or cloth if it is not removable. Some use vinegar and warm weather in a large Ziploc bag placed over the showerhead when it is not removable. You can use recommended cleaners that are not abrasive to clean the showerhead recommended by the manufacturer you buy it from. Many of our models are wall mounted, easy to install, and do not have to be mounted from the ceiling.

Features of A Good High Pressure Rainfall Showerhead

A good model is easy to clean and has adjustable settings to get several types of water levels or pressure when you shower. It should be able to be mounted to the wall for smaller bathrooms and not just on the ceiling. The long hose helps you move the showerhead where you want it and supplies more flexibility for those that use it. Some come with a rain shower head and hand handheld shower nozzle and these are amazingly effective. We have showerhead and hand handheld combos with a brass or chrome finish. Our rain showers are a terrific addition to any home bathroom. Call us today to learn more or visit our website.

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