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Combo Showerhead

The Versatility of a Combo Showerhead

If you like having a showerhead that doesn't work as a handheld unit, you likely want a fixed showerhead. Using a fixed showerhead is easy, and it is usually perfect for adults who will use the shower. Sometimes a handheld unit is helpful for kids, but when the shower is used by adults, the fixed showerhead leaves the shower looking less cluttered, as there is no need for a hose. Many people like this streamlined look, and it means fewer parts to take care of. With a fixed showerhead, you always know what to expect from it. It's always in the same place and will provide the same shower for you every time. These are often used in the primary bathroom because it's generally adults who use it. It can also be used in other bathrooms when it's convenient. Many older kids like to use a fixed showerhead, and it's a good way for them to shower.

A combo showerhead is one that combines a fixed showerhead with a handheld shower with a hose. This gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to your shower. You can leave the fixed shower in place for when you want to shower with it. When you want to use a handheld showerhead, you can take that part in hand and angle it to wherever you want it. This allows adults to take a shower as they normally would, and kids and pets will be able to get the bathing they need with the showerhead. This offers an incredible amount of versatility from just one unit. A combo showerhead is perfect for when you have one bathroom that will be used for many uses and for different people. It's helpful to have both types of showerheads for either of these bathing options, or you can use both of them together at the same time.

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